What’s it?

The precision implant placement.

Produced in Unalloyed Titanium with high precision, allowing the use of 2mm. diameter drill.

  • Marks the relationship of the distances between implants, either for internal or external connection.
  • Determines the minimum proximity to the natural pieces, minimum 1.5mm with just lean against the proximal tooth.
  • Establishes a distance of 3mm between implants of 4 or 5 mm.
  • Ensures that all the implants located in the mandible are parallel.

Both templates are manufactured with maximum precision to ensure optimal distance between implants.

You only need to pass the 2mm drill through the right hole and the implants will be placed at a safe difference and in parallel.

The Clinicae Template is a tool to help the surgeon by automated placement of implants in an ideal position in relation to neighbouring teeth or implants.

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Clinicae Template® and System Torque®

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