1. What is the Clinicae Template?

The Clinicae Template is a dental template used to guide correct placement of dental implants and which marks minimum safety distances with respect to neighbouring teeth for proper implant placement, thus ensuring good regeneration of the interdental papilla.

2. Why use the Clinicae Template?

The Clinicae Template improves implant placement by marking the perfect site for the implant. It also makes is easier to ensure that the implants that we place are parallel with one another.

Maintaining the optimum distance between implants helps us to achieve improvements in the interimplant papilla resulting in aesthetic improvement for our patients.

The Clinicae Template also saves us time and money compared to other guides, such as 3D Planning, that produce the same results.

3. How is the Clinicae Template used?

In our video tutorials section you will find several clips explaining each of the Clinicae Template’s functions. If you still have questions after watching them, you can contact us and an expert will provide you with answers.

4. What is the template made of?

The Clinicae Template is made of medical grade titanium.

5. Is it compatible with my brand of dental implants?

The Clinicae Template is perfect for inclusion in our surgical toolbox as it is compatible with all implant brands.

6. How long does the Clinicae Template last?

The Clinicae Template’s lifetime is unlimited.

7. What wear and tear is the Clinicae Template subject to?

There is hardly any wear on the drill holes.

8. What type of operations is it used for?

Any placement of single implants, between teeth, requires the distance occupied by the implant diameter to be determined, plus 3 mm, i.e. 2 x 1.5 mm from the neighboring teeth. The template helps us to decide whether or not the available space is sufficient for placement of a Regular implant (4mm) or a larger one (5 mm.)

If 2 or 3 contiguous implants are required, we need to determine the distance between these implants and the neighboring teeth and between the implants themselves. For three implants in the posterior sector, there are two placement possibilities, two premolars and one molar or one premolar and two molars, as appropriate.

It also enables exact positioning of an implant in relation to others that have already been placed, using the ends of the straight template.

It also allows parallel placement in edentulous jaws by rotation of the straight Template using the pivot at its end.

9. Can it be sterilized?

Of course, it must be sterilized following surgery. It is then ready for use next time you insert an implant.

10. What burs are used?

The hole diameters enable any system of 2mm burs to be used. 2 mm lance and drill burs

11. What distance should there be between implants and between implants and teeth?

The minimum distance established for an implant and a tooth is 1.5 mm. Any closer and the connection of the implant causes reabsorption of the crest and the papilla loses height. The minimum distance between implants is 3 mm. to ensure a bone peak that can hold the inter implant papilla, whose size is about 3.4 mm.

12. Why is the distance between implants so important?

In a classic study in 2000, D. Tarnow, SC Cho and SS Wallace established that the minimum distance between implants was 3 mm. to ensure the maximum presence of the inter implant crest that maintains the presence of the papilla.

By placing the implants at the optimum distance we achieve aesthetic improvement for our cases through improved interdental papilla. The results will be more natural and our patients will be more satisfied.

13. How accurate are the measurements?

The Clinicae Template is manufactured according to European Community standards and we guarantee maximum accuracy in our product for compliance with Implantology safety measures.

14. What study is it based on?

Tarnow D. , Cho SC, Wallace SS. The effect of inter-implant distance on the height of the inter-implant bone crest. J. Periodontol 2000;71:546-549

Zetu L., Wang HL, Managemente of inter-dental /inter-implant papilla. J Clin Periondontol 2005; 32:831-839 Interproximal Height of Bone

Garber D, Salama M., Salama, H. ,Pinhas Adar. 1998

15. Do you ship outside the European Union?

Yes, we work with the major private courier services to ensure correct shipping to any country, both within and outside the European Union.

16. Does it produce the same results as with 3D planning?

The results of a clinical case presented by Dr. Maurice Salama at www.dentalxp.com show the use of the Clinicae Template and 3D planning for the same case, with the same placement of the implants. Obviously for 2 and 3 implants, the Clinicae Template is a fast, low-cost alternative that helps in the placement of implants.

17. Are its measurements standard for everyone?

Yes, Clinicae Template measurements are standard for all human beings. It’s a question of bone biology and tissue response to contamination of the implant gap. This is why the separation is so important.

18. Is the Clinicae Template CE-marked?

Yes, it is manufactured as per European laws governing health devices.