Small screwdriver Clinicae

With the small screwdriver Clinicae try to give solutions a fluently issue.

A “small” screwdriver is large in the rear area. The patient must open their mouth as much as he/she can. After taking the model, the fatigue makes that he can’t open the mouth as the first time and it’s a difficulty to unscrew. The patient becomes nervous and the contracture makes him close his mouth more, so removing a mold becomes more and more difficult.

That’s why the small screwdriver Clinicae function adequately:

  • Space: the small screwdriver Clinicae gives more space to be able to turn and adjust the copings.
  • Commodity: The patient does not have to open his mouth so much.
  • Accuracy: It allows to use drag copings instead of replacement ones that have less accuracy. More fidelity of the impressions, less time of repetitions, less costs.

Buy Space!

With the small screwdriver Clinicae will be able to screw/unscrew in small spaces such as: Molars of your patients!

Buy Accuracy!

The system of impressesion by drag is more exact than the one of replacement: with the small screwdrivers Clinicae you have, now, possibility of doing it.

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